Monday, April 20, 2009

Madison's First Birthday Party

We had a PERFECT day for a party. There was not a cloud in the sky and the sun was shining bright. I felt like it was all just for us... I could not have asked for more. We had BBQ brought in.. Jason didn't want to spend the day grilling. He wanted to enjoy the day. That was probably one of the best decisions we made.

The place: My backyard!

It didn't take long to have the swing set full of kids!

The Theme: Ladybugs! It all started with this dress. Everything else fell in to place after that. Since it's spring it was easy to find ladybug items.


Tucked inside...


I found the idea for a jellybean count on-line. I thought is was a cute idea. The jellybeans are cherry and chocolate. I could not bring myself to get licorice jellybeans.. gross. My good friend, Amy, is a graphic designer and made this sign and "guess cards" for me.

What's a party without a pinata? I was so worried this pinata would break with the first swing of the stick... or in our case, bat. I got the pinata and told Jason to just "make it work." Next thing I know he walks out with a string, a borrowed bat, and no blind fold. I was pretty sure it would be over quickly. Oh how I was wrong!

They swung and .... (keep these two boys in mind... HA!)


and swung (I think he may have come with the bat!)

After a good 10 or 15 minutes Jason tried to help things along and gave it a good swing. All that did was knock it to the ground where kids took turns beating my poor ladybug to no avail. After all the kids were good and tuckered out Jason just ripped it open. Oh well.... the three kids that were left gathered up their reward! Jason ran inside to get bags so the kids could load up their take. Maddie, my niece, improvised pretty well waiting on Jason's return. HEE HEE!

The Cake:

We are singing "Happy Birthday" to her...

Now what would a ladybug party be without a coordinating ladybug bib?

99% of my pictures were of Madison eating cake! Here are a few...

Thank goodness for the bib!

After cake babies started melting fast... They were in need of bottles and naps.. including mine! However, I was dying to get a "baby photo" and all the moms obliged. Madison looks quite happy, but don't be fooled it was pure screaming right after this until I got her down for a nap.

So remember the two boys.... Jonathan won the jellybean contest (red stripe shirt). He had his jellybeans when Victor (behind him in the photo) decided he wanted them so he snatched them from Jonathan... Jonathan did not hesitate to "take him out" and within seconds they were in a ball of dust on the ground and the fight had to be broken up. It was kinda hysterical!

She napped for several hours while my family and I relaxed in the yard. Once she got up we let her open presents with her two cousins "help." I think they enjoyed it as much as she did.

At the end of the day Madison took her new car for a spin!

A big thank you to my family for all their help and traveling to celebrate this special day with us!

Pop, Nana, and Granny....



Austin and Maddie
Uncle Mack and Uncle Kris ...They weren't thrilled about "posing" in a photo together.... so they really hammed it up for me... thanks guys. :)

and Aunt Jennie!