Sunday, April 26, 2009

Swimming Pool or Water Bowl?

When Madison woke up from her afternoon nap early because she was dripping sweat, we decided to go for a swim in the backyard. Not only did I come home to my child cruising behind her lion, but our upstairs air conditioning is broken. In fact we are waiting on the air guy as I type. Yep.. it's Sunday evening, but for an extra fifty bucks you too can have an air guy come on the weekend.

Once we got outside I made the mistake of throwing her in.... I freaked her out and she threw herself out of the pool and into my arms. With Jason laughing I tried a different approach... I started splashing in it... trying to show her how fun it would be. I oohed and awed over her toys. She leaned as far away as possible!

At least Abbey was impressed...

I started to think we had just bought a giant water bowl for the dogs.

A little closer....


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