Monday, April 6, 2009

A work in progress...

We have a painter here this week painting the downstairs while it's empty. I don't think I have ever seen walls that need it more than mine. I tend to be a little scared of change. However, I decided to go wild with my paint selection. Here is a shot of the wall where it transitions from dining room to foyer. He has already painted the dining room and will do the foyer tomorrow.

We took advantage of the pretty weather this past weekend and worked in the yard. It was also great timing because we can't work in the house! Our play scape area needed new mulch. So here is what Jason did ALL DAY LONG.

I strapped Madison in the Bjorn and attempted to help. I think we were more of a hindrance so we plopped down with our waters on the picnic blanket and watched daddy. :) Don't worry... I did spread some mulch around and potted marigolds. Marigolds are not my most favorite flower, but they have won the "least likely to be dug up by Charli" award. I think it's the smell. And I say "least likely" because they have lasted the longest, but have not escaped certain death altogether. I don't know why I waste my time year after year (it's now been six) potting plants only to have them destroyed. I knew I was going to have problems when the spring we brought Charli home from the humane society she ran by the back door dragging my rose bush. You would think thorns would have hindered her??? Maybe I'll start a countdown for my marigolds this year.

We have a TON of boys in the neighborhood and they all LOVE Madison. However, they seem a little more amused by the glitter ball than her in this photo. After they finished playing with Madison's toys they grabbed a miniature wheel barrow and tiny shovel and took turns taking mulch to the back yard to "help" Jason. I guess they felt sorry for him! :)

Completely off the subject, but I've been dying to vent.... I am wondering why no one told me about Baby Legs when Madison was born?? I got her a pair recently and I think she is a little old to wear them out. However, I think they are so cute she wears them to lounge in at home! I think they would also be cute in place of tights in the winter. They are the greatest things because you don't have to take them off to change her diaper. Anyway.. I think they've been around for a while, but I'm just finding out about them.