Thursday, May 21, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

This first picture has nothing to do with Fashion Friday. I added it because it's so darn cute!

We are live from the beach. What else could I possibly have to show you for Madison's Fashion Friday other than swimsuits?! The mid-day sun is harsh (I'm not complaining!) so bear with the shadows.

I brought Madison out in this suit and Jason said "Oh my gosh.." I said, "what?" looking around oblivious to the fact that he's talking about her suit. He said.. "she looks like a watermelon".. REALLY? Is that what comes to mind with this adorable flowered suit? Nonsense! I saw this one at Target for under ten dollars. Such a deal and so adorable! I love the ruffles around the top.. and it does NOT resemble a watermelon.

Here is her cover up with her name on the front... aside from monogramming I am a sucker for ric rac.

The suit it's covering has her initials monogrammed in pink (hard to tell in this photo)... PRECIOUS! I love nothing more than my baby's belly button.

My ballerina at the beach! I got this suit to go with her infamous ladybug sunglasses... or maybe it was the other way around. I can't remember. :)


We brought along her pool and I'm so thankful. Jason fills it with hot water from the kitchen and she has her own little jacuzzi overlooking the ocean.

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