Sunday, May 31, 2009

North Carolina Wine Festival

Every year that we have been in North Carolina we try to attend the NC wine festival. It all started several years ago when I heard that Shawn Mullins was the headliner for the festival. He went to my college several years before I attended. I recruited two of my good college friends to come up from Atlanta for a visit. They come back every year for the festival even though Shawn Mullins has not been back. I can only conclude that it may have had something to do with a crowd of girls standing in front of the stage screaming "Go St. Bernard's" (our school's mascot) until he gave in and gave a shout out to NGCSU. It hasn't stopped us from making it an annual event.

This year the weather was PERFECT. Sunny and eighty degrees. We set up our tent, chairs, and table. We made our way around all the tents sampling wine and food. Finally, we purchased a few of our favorites and headed back to our tent. We spent the rest of the afternoon talking, laughing, listening to the live music, and people watching.

Jason met up with a coworker and we found ourselves without a camera man... so of course we did a few self portraits. I love close ups so these usually turn out to be my favorite pictures!

Kat, Amy, and me!

I really love this photo because it gives you an idea of what we were sitting in the middle of... and this was just a SMALL fraction of the whole event!

My driver, camera man, and carrier of MANY things that day!

We had such a great time!! Thanks girls!

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