Friday, July 31, 2009

Madison's Fashion Friday

In the past sometimes I would write the brand of the clothes and maybe where I got them. However, most of the time I did not. I wasn't sure if anyone really cared since I think most of my readers are friends and family. :) I've had a request so I don't mind sharing.

I am a HUGE fan of Bailey Boys. Madison has several of their outfits. Her Easter dress for example (AND it's reversible). Their clothes have all sorts of extra cute detailing. They usually have bows and are just stinking cute all the way around.

I saw this top and bloomers in a baby store in Greenville, SC (my hubby's hometown). Unfortunately, they did not have Madison's size... otherwise you would probably be seeing it in this post on Madison!

Here is that extra detailing I'm talking about.. isn't the back of the top ADORABLE??!!

This outfit was actually given to me by a friend. Madison is "oooohhhinnng" at a passing neighbor...

She can't resist giving them a wave being the social sweet butterfly that she is...

Notice the watering can?? I was trying to make her smile by pretending to hit myself in the head with it (oh the things I'll do for a smile), softly of course. She asked for it back, stood up, and whacked me in the head. (Did I say sweet? Of course she is!)

This is about as close I got to the giraffe on the top. He has a fuzzy mane.

Check out the back! Details... details!

I usually like to end my posts with Madison's thumb sucking because that is when I end our photo sessions. Once it's in... it doesn't come out! :)

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