Friday, July 31, 2009

Show Us Your Life - Wedding Party

Today is Show Us Your Life at Kelly's Korner. It's all about weddings right now and today she's featuring your wedding party.

My wedding was at six in the evening so I opted for long dresses on my girls. I originally had selected pink, however, when I got to the store they just looked horrible! So right then and there we had to go with "Plan B." Unfortunately, I didn't have a "Plan B" so I melted! My bridesmaids came to my aid and started ripping dresses off the rack and trying them on. We settled on what I like to call "sage." My wedding was in April so I think the color worked out perfectly!

I had seven bridesmaids. I wanted eight, but my mom was a little freaked that I had gone beyond six. Even when we were discussing where they would stand at the front of the church she said... "well you can put three here and the other three here maybe"... I said "BUT I HAVE SEVEN BRIDESMAIDS..." She never responded and I guess in her mind as long as she didn't acknowledge that fact then it wasn't true. :)

Michele (college girlfriend), Mendy (college roommate - her little sister met my brother at my wedding and they married last year!), Jennie (my sister and Matron of Honor), me (you know... the one in white), Heather (college girlfriend), Jori (childhood bestfriend), Kat (college girlfriend - we also shared an apartment in Atlanta right out of college), and Lori (my SIL)

I'm still close with all of these girls!

The day of my wedding, I took all my bridesmaids to get their hair "done." There is a VERY limited selection of hair salons in the mountains of Georgia. (At least there was six years ago...). Anyway... I called several salons and settled on "Country Cutters." Seriously?? What was I thinking? I never went in for a trial "do" so I winged it on my wedding day... CRAZY, I know... especially at a salon called Country Cutters. I was the last to go and we were getting down to the wire. I told the lady I wanted it half up and left it at that. All the other girls went back to the resort while Mendy stayed with me. The lady pulled out a TINY barrel curling iron and started to give me tiny ringlets. I am the WORST at hurting any hairdresser's feelings. (I sported a mullet four years ago because I didn't know how to tell her to STOP!) So Mendy sitting there assessing the situation (the style going on my head and the look going on my face) came to my rescue.

Mendy (very sweetly): "Shelby, honey, do you want ringlets in your hair?"
Me: "Um, no?"
Mendy: "mam, I don't think she wants her hair curled"

THANK GOODNESS! So I ended up with hair half up, a little spray, and I walked out the door. I'm sure I could have done it myself, but you don't "do" your own hair on your wedding day!

The whole group together... We look a little unbalanced... I really should have gone with eight!

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