Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend Update

We had such a busy weekend! Jason had to work on Saturday so I went to the park with my friend Amy and her baby, Ella. We took a spin on the train. It was a HOT HOT afternoon! Afterward Ella and Madison had a birthday party to attend. It's was right during Madison's nap time so we weren't able to stay the whole time.

Sunday we were invited to the lake by some friends. Jason was off riding jet skis so I hung on the dock with our friend Sandra. I quickly learned that toddlers and docks don't mix. It was a hoot trying to have a conversation while running around the dock.

This was Madison's favorite spot...

Jason returned for a second and we got a picture. We brought a life vest for Madison so she could ride on the boat. Our friend's son took the boat out and it flew out the back never to be seen again. Jason took off again to "see if he could hunt it down."

Relaxing on the dock... How on earth did I get her to stay in the chair you ask?

Raisins and Cheerios of course!

Much to my dismay this moment really on last a second. She was up and running right after she got them all out of the bag...
We finally took a ride on the boat. Jason and Tripp traded off tubing and driving the boat. Their goal was to give each other the worst ride of their life and see how hard they could make the other fly off the tube. When they were finished they asked me if I wanted to take a turn... "uhhh I'm good, thanks."

Madison had been dying to steer the boat herself. She finally got a turn when we ran out of gas... how does that happen?

I took a picture of their son trying to tow us in with a jet ski. You can say that didn't work out so well. We flagged down another boat who took us to the marina. (Apparently their gas needle was broken and stuck at 1/2 a tank!!) I wanted to take a picture of our boat tow, but I thought that was getting a bit tacky! HEE HEE

We finally reached the marina! Madison was HOT and cranky... her face is NOT sunburned... she was just really hot so I took her hat off. Isn't she precious relaxing in the tube? :)

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