Monday, August 10, 2009

"Not Me!" Monday

I haven't included myself in a Mckmama's "Not Me!" Monday in quite a while. I haven't had much to confess and I don't really this week either, but if I did it would probably go like this...

I did not ignore my baying beagle and relentlessly barking wondermut in the backyard for a good fifteen minutes last Tuesday. I mean it wasn't like the last time they acted so crazy there was a HUGE black snake coiled up hissing at them. I was tending to my fifteen month old... what could all that commotion possibly be about this time? I didn't take my time strolling to the window only to look out and see some sort of critter cornered by my dogs, back the the fence, getting shocked by the electric wire intended for the dogs. I certainly did not shoot out my back door like a crazy lady screaming for them to come in to the house.... no, not me. If I had I'm sure they would have immediately obeyed and come right in. I'm positive they would not have me running around the backyard screaming for a good ten minutes trying to avoid said creature and save my dogs lives. I know my beagle did not run after that creature and get her head caught in the fence after he escaped. If she had I'm positive I would not have run after her and worked for a good five minutes (okay, more like 15 seconds, but felt like five minutes) getting shocked repeatedly by that same wire until I got her free.

If all that did happen, I certainly would not call my husband at work screaming frantically into the phone that a beaver was in the backyard and I almost died by way of electrocution AGAIN. Nothing ruffles my feathers, I always remain completely calm in a difficult situation. BUT if I did call him, I know my dear sweet hubby would not reply .. "are you sure it wasn't a neighbors pet ferret or a fat guinea pig?" MY husband would have way more concern than that. (He just might convince me that it was a gopher and not a beaver...)

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