Tuesday, February 22, 2011


We can't catch a break here.  Tyler had the croup and then got an ear infection from croup.  On day 10 of his antibiotics he developed a stomach virus.  I put him to bed with his belly nice and full of pink amoxicillin because he would not have a bite of dinner.  He woke me up at four a.m. vomiting.  Not just any vomit, but bright pinkish, orangeish vomit... on his white bedding... his white silk bedding.  I know most of you think that was probably a dumb purchase, but Madison never got anything on her bumpers so I figured I was safe. 

So here he is in the sink after a daytime "episode."  Not looking too sick huh?  Cell phone pic for his dad.  (LOVE LOVE LOVING my new iPhone!  Oh how did I ever live without it?)

All this stomach mess started the middle of last week.  He was fine by Saturday evening and I gave him a clean bill of health myself on Sunday.  So let's just say I was a little disturbed when on the way to preschool this morning I heard a cough followed by the sound of a waterfall in my backseat.  I glanced back to see Madison looking over at Tyler with her nose all scrunched up.  "MOM!  Tyler spit out!"  I got it.. thanks.  So I pulled into a Cracker Barrel and whipped out a bag of wipes.  After about 30 wipes I gave up.  I proceeded on to school.  My good friend walked Madison to class while I drove this home.  Oh and believe me.. it's much worse than it looks... like gotta pull apart the car seat messy.

Can we pause for a moment and discuss the cuteness of his outfit?  I bought it for $8 at Old Navy a few weeks ago.  He had outgrown a lot of 6-12 month clothes and this was a 12-18.  I smiled to myself all the way out the door at my deal.  Little did I know that we would go from 30 degree weather to 80 degree weather in a matter of days.  I've been waiting for a cold front to put it on him.. and he wore it this morning for all of 30 seconds.  Would you check this out?  I'm not sure if I'll get it on him again.  Maybe next Monday??

Here we are before our morning nap.  Tyler has taken more baths this past week than I think Madison has in her life.

Another cell phone pic.. Madison wanted to play outside.. (Jason dressed her this particular day.  That morning he said... "come on Mad, let's go get dressed."  I bit my lip to keep myself from telling him I would do it.  Looking back I think I was curious what he would come up with.  Sure enough a Singapore shirt he got her, jeans, and tennis shoes.)  Tyler was so entertained watching her play out there.  I sent this to my family and my SIL asked if Tyler had locked Mad out.. HA HA!  It'll happen one day I'm sure.

My neighbor sent me this picture today.  We've had such beautiful weather all the kids have been out playing.  We have a TON of small kids in our neighborhood.  These are just a few on our street.

Madison wore this dress to school last week. LOVE IT!

Love him!

I try to do art with Madison a few times a week.  This week we did butterflies.  I read a few books we have about butterflies and then we did our art during Tyler's morning nap. 

She finally had enough of me and would not allow one more photo.  Oh the drama!

Cute huh?!  I forgot the antennas though!

Completely random!  Did you know these existed?  Not the outlets!  But the built in childproof feature?  I didn't until recently.  We had those plastic safety plugs in every single socket and low and behold our one year old house has the built in flap!  It's the greatest thing.  No more breaking nails when trying to remove the plastic things to vacuum!


They are starting to entertain each other. 

I got to clean the whole kitchen after lunch while they played in my curtains!  I know it's hard to see her.. but  Madison is hiding...

Thankfully Tyler found her!

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