Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tyler - 21 Months

Oh Tyler!!! He does.. he runs every where. He doesn't slow down.  Tyler's favorite past time these days is to whack his sister.  He looks for my reaction and takes off running and giggling.  I snatch him up and I throw him in time out.  He comes out and goes right back at it.  I have to say how proud I am of Madison.  She just kind of whimpers and looks at me for help.  He also loves to yank her hair out and hand it to me.  I swear if I were her I'd hit back, but she doesn't and I am so proud!!  I know he's doing it for my reaction.  It's frustrating because I have to react.. or Madison will have no hair left. 

Every day that Tyler has school a note is sent home.  It details his day.  There is a comment section and normally his teacher writes, "Tyler had a great day!  He loved playing with X and he loved all over X today!"  Well on Tuesday the note said, "Tyler hit a lot today and spent a lot of time in time out which he did not like.   He was a lot better after lunch."  My heart sank.  I know it's a phase and we'll get through it, but oh my goodness boy! :)

Tyler is the life of the party.  If Tyler could talk sentences he would say.. "Go Big or Go HOME!" 

I love this photo.. It's for sure not my best.  There's a shadow and bright afternoon sun.  It's hard to see on this blog, but here is what I love about it....

He's got snot running clear down to his lip.  He has a scratch on the end of his nose.  He was running at school and fell and got carpet burn.  His shirt is filthy, but this is my little boy.  This is what he typically looks like!!  He's a mess, but such a sweet mess!

It won't be long now.. in just a few short months he'll be two.  I can't believe his baby brother will be here in time to celebrate his birthday!!

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