Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Rodeo Day and Tyler's Speech

Rodeo day at preschool is all about the dads.  The school puts on a little production so the dads can get some one on one time with their child at school.  I whipped out the perfect dress Madison wore last year.  With my mind so focused on this third baby I didn't think ahead and Tyler sported an everyday look!!  I still couldn't resist and opportunity to take pictures.

Madison kept insisting on a silly face!

Jason took the small camera to school and snapped these... I heart them and wish I could have been a fly on the wall.

Eating.. it's what Tyler does very well!

Madison got the shaft on pictures dad took.. However, given Tyler's age it was more of an activity for his class and a lunch for hers.

At Tyler's 18 month check up his doctor expressed concern that he did not have enough words.  She wanted me to take him for an evaluation.  That was in November.  After talking to several friends and his preschool teachers I decided to wait a while.  It's hard not to compare your child to other kids, but he has a few friends right around his age that says things like.. "Hi Mrs. Shelby!!!!"  (Very clearly I might add!)  Tyler uses two words phrases... usually "more milk," but most often sticks to one word.  He's very verbal, but says "mil" (milk) instead of enunciating the last syllable.  So with the clock ticking for baby number three I decided to go ahead and take him.  (Before baby and before his two year check up in May).  It went great and I learned that Mr. T is just fine!  He's "advanced" for receptive language and "average" for expressive language.   I didn't expect that he would need speech therapy, but I'm thrilled to have the confirmation.

Just a little instagram photo post a chili hot dog... Oh that smile...

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